Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

1.Easy exp

ok now that dragonfable 9.0 has come some changes and stuff are going too happen. im level 33 so here are the best places to train
moonglow doesnt work at this level


2. EASY exp. 3000-5000

go to osprey cove and do the mission called box of ninjas there is four floors and each floor has about 10 ninja sneeviles giving you about 3000-5000exp

3. Duh

You guys go on and on about do this and that and then do it 10 more times etc.but a quicker way to cheat is just download cheat engine it is wayyyyyyyyy quicker and much more efficiant.(trust me I got to lv51 in less than 1 day).so don't take the long hard way be the one who takes the easy short way

4. Great Quest for XP and Gold

Quest: Yaga Stone Circle
Where: Amityvale, Talk to Thursday
After you beat the 5 Yaga Sisters and Guffer the boss (around 500hp, does lots of damage make sure you have potions, and the purple pumpkin heals)you get:
XP: 1473 Gold: 68
Weapon: Flamestone Blade/Staff/Daggers LV19 Damage:30-48 Rarity:5 Bonuses:Critacal+2 If it's not your type(Warrior-Sword etc.) you can sell it at a store for 200 gold (thats why it's good for gold)

5. Seriously an excellent way to get tons of gold and experience!!!

You don't need one but it will really help if you have a good energy weapon. First go to Falconreach and go to the gryphon and go to Dr. Voltoblot and just do the quest a lot and it gives you a ton experience and if you do it enough times you can make one of his pets. The one that I made was the lowest level and it sold for 1k!

6. 1000gold and a cool wepon for mage rouge or knigt if done corect

Go to the 100 rooms place(mem) and got through all roooms kill all monsters then go to begining and re heal...when you done that go to the final room for boss fight get him down to 1hp and start healing useing all your potions then kill boss you should get 1000 coins for getting trough without getting hit and the wepon you should get as a reward for completing the room hope it works for you =)and if not it must have been my computer glitchng again=(

7. Easy Gold

First, you must go to the Robina Zone and talk to her, click on the Bounty Hunting option and then say you want the Most Wanted list.
Second, go past the waterfall and you'll notice 4 diffrent ways to go. Go to the north and you'll see a bunch of sharpend logs in the ground. Go in there and then you'll now be in a quest.
Notice the Most Wanted list.
Just keep doing the quest and you'll get lots of gold.

8. Easy 2000+ exp

Do the entire qwest for moon glow and you should get over 2000 exp. If you have trouble beating the pumpken slices, then take the strongest light weapon and if you don't have one beat the crystal cave and then go talk to Warlic and buy the strongest light weapon you can use.

9. easy weapons

Do you want lvl 7 weapons and junk... Then keep on doing the sneevil forest quest I got a lvl 7 static weapon that costs like 600 coins on it I hope you enjoy but one problem they are random weapons they always change but have fun with new item P.s. I found a blood stained mark of honor you can sell it for 500 Gold!!!


10. Fast exp and easy money

(you must be lvl 9 of higher) go to Aeris Battlespire win a trophy to gain a novice rank, buy a novice Battlespire weapon (staff,sword or dagger), go to Warlics zone, head north (up) the road near Warlics tent then right to a cave, inside you will be assigned on a quest, equipt the BNW (battlespire novice weapon) and kill the monsters (since they are FIRE elementals water hits them HARD) finish the quest and sell the gained item (if you want to) to recive 200+ gp (or something like that) have fun and enjoy ;)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Picking the Right Hero Name

 Picking just the right name for SuperHero Quest

One of the most popular pages of this blog is the "Character Names" page that helps player pick the right AdventureQuest Worlds name. I'm going to extend that to SuperHero Quest (?).

The same basic rules apply to both AQW and SHQ:
Good names are memorable and can be spelled correctly. They allow you to form friendships in the game because people remember you and talk to you even if you're not on their friend's list. Good names also tell people a little about yourself or, even better, your character.
Bad names are not memorable. That's because people can't spell them, like "3vil K1LL3r." Using l33t, strange character combinations, and really long names work against you. Avoid using numbers. If you are spelling a word, avoid alternative spellings, like "Cowboiz" for Cowboy. People won't be able to remember you.
Also, do not to use offensive or suggestive language. You will alienate many people. At the very least, you will be silently ignored by a large number of people.
In picking a name, remember shorter is better. Easier to remember, right?

Don't Forget the Title

Since there can only be one of a kind names in an MMO like SuperHero Quest, odds are the name you want is gone. So give yourself a title and see if you like it. Titles can be:
  • Supreme
  • Doctor
  • Professor
  • Colonel, Major, Sergent, Captain, etc
  • A color: blue, red, silver, black, green.
  • Fantastic
  • Dubious
  • Amazing, etc.
For example, if you wanted the name, "Omega," but it was already taken, you can call yourself "Professor Omega," or, "Silver Omega," or, "Major Omega." You get the picture.

Rules For Choosing A Superhero Name

I found this on the Interwebs without a citation or attribution. It's not my list but it has great advice.
  • Don't call yourself by your real name: e.g., The Incredible Jenny Pinchuck, The Amazing Stevie Foster.
  • Don't call yourself by someone else's real name: e.g., Super Teddy Kennedy, Captain Dean Martin.
  • Choose a name that suggests power, heroism and prowess: e.g., Captain Power, Thunderman, Mr. Invincible, Justiceman.
  • Don't be too modest: e.g., Mr. Pretty Good, Captain So-so, Fairly Incredibleman, Captian Invincible on a good day.
  • But don't labor the point: e.g., Mr. So-Powerful- Don't-Even-Think- About-It-Buddy.
  • Don't choose a name detrimental to your crime fighting image: e.g.,Captain Spongecake, Mr. Silly, Yellow Streak, Purple Slippers, Captain Sweetiepie.
  • Don't choose the name of an existing Superhero unless you have lots of money and enjoy fighting litigation instead of supervillains.
  • It's no use calling yourself Captain Invincible if your only power is control over Hostess Twinkies and you suffer from a congenital hole-in- the-heart condition. It's just asking for trouble.
  • Don't call yourself the Invisible Boy if you're not.
  • Don't call yourself the Invisible Boy if you're a girl.
  • Don't give away important information in your name, e.g. The Glass Jaw, Captain Vulnerable To Strontium 90.
  • Don't call yourself The Green Avenger if you wear an orange costume. You'll confuse people.

Name Generator

A name generator can help you come up with some great ideas for hero names. Seventh Sanctum has a several different Superhero name generators for you to play with. Have fun!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More SuperHer-- er, the hero game News!

Artix put up a big post about SuperHero Quest. Here's another excuse for me to make a bullet list (yes!):
  • The name might have to change. DC/ Marvel told AE to stop using "SuperHero Quest."
  • DC/ Marvel sort of suck. I blame Disney.
  • There's a secret working name but we won't know what it is until it comes out.
  • I'm calling the game HeroFable for now. Don't like it? Leave a comment with your idea.
  • Galanoth will lead the game. Thyton and Yergen von Smergenbergen are doing the art and animation.
  • Who's Yergen von Smergenbergen?
  • The art is done in a "vinyl" style. Looks like that YouTube video floating around was not a fake.
  • The game will not have classes. You will get individual skills.
  • As you level up you can get new powers, skills, and abilities.
  • Of course there will be flying!
There were several posts in the forums about AQW mems getting to test the game and everyone else was shut out. Artix bent over backwards and come up with this solution:
Phase 1: Everyone who supported the games will get to make an account.

Phase 2: One server will open to AQW mems only.

Phase 3: Multiple servers will open and all supporting players will join in.
There you have it!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

AE 2011 Calender in Second Printing

I'm really thankful I was able to order my 2011 calender from Heromart before the first printing sold out. I can't believe how fast these things flew out of the store! My guess is: the Chronomancer armor. I collect armors and had to order the calender (which looks cool on its own, btw) to get it.

I'll probably get my Shaman class when the calender arrives. It takes a long-long time to get a 10 rep in Arcangrove. I still need another 70k rep to get rank 10. I'm averaging around 8k a day.

Here's a question for you: what's the deal with Dage's champion quests? I've done them nine or 10 times already and haven't got a single drop. I know, I know. He's Dage the Evil so of course he's messing with me. The doucher.

There looks like an airship themed area opening up. That looks really awesome. Looking forward to this week's release.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SuperHero Quest Needs Drama

I've been thinking about how I want SHQ to be built. Most players are centering on skills and powers for the upcoming super hero MMO. I've been more worried about how the game can have comic book depth and interest.

I don't read comics much anymore. But I used to collect every issue of every comic put out by Marvel. Blade, Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men where my favorites. There are reasons why I liked these specific comics and I hope AE can get those in the game.

First, the back story and the origin. Super heroes need an interesting past and a way they got their powers. Spider-Man was bitten by a radioactive spider. Wolverine was a mutant who was enhanced through mysterious circumstances. Blade was born to a vampire mother.

How can we get these elements into the game? I'm not interested in writing my own origin and having it on my character profile page. No one reads those things anyways. I want to play out my origin. I want to start as a geeky, unpopular teenager or a mutant on the run.

Playing an origin would mean that AE would have to make five or six starting quests. They could do it.

Then we need drama, compelling drama. Lots and lots of over the top, super-drama. This will come from NPCs, groups, rivals, and secret identities.

Peter Parker was constantly saving MJ and Aunt May. Mostly MJ, who had a knack for getting kidnapped. And Aunt May needed help with little things because she lived alone. SHQ could have dependent and love interest NPCs that need to be rescued. Even the bad guys have this (think Green Goblin from the Spider-Man movies).

None of my favorite comics had sidekicks. But most had supporting characters that would help the hero from time to time. It would be fun to have a sidekick. And a wise super hero mentor. That wouldn't be to hard for AE to build into the game. For villains, minions are a must!

And lets talk about super hero groups. Even Spider-Man joined the Avengers and the Fantastic Four from time to time. How fun would it be to make your own super hero team? Freakin' awesome fun! It should not be like a guild, though. Super hero teams don't have big memberships, four to twelve people. Multiple memberships would be fun.

Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom. The X-Men and Magneto. We simply have to have arch-rivals in SuperHero Quest. What good is a super hero or super villain without his or her nemesis?

Then there's the "normal life" part of a super hero's existence. I'm talking about jobs, going to school, keeping the secret identity a secret, romantic love interests, science experiments in underground labs/ lairs. Let's see that in SHQ. Please.

Players will certainly create their own drama and groups will supply the platform from which it will develop. AE can supply the rest with the daily life of the hero.

I'll probably play SHQ for a little while even if it's just a super hero game built around the AQW game engine with no drama and tons of clicky-clicky grinding. It all depends on how it develops.

Friday, November 5, 2010

SuperHero Quest Frenzy

In my vigilance to keep on top of the SuperHero Quest launch I've been digging around the corners of the interwebs. I've found some interesting tidbits about Artix Entertainment, some old AE games and sites, and a lot of rumor and speculation.

Here's all I know about SHQ right now:

  • It'll go into Beta in November. We don't know when.
  • AQW members will be Beta testers.
  • Maybe members of other games will be Beta testers.
  • The SHQ site redirects to the BattleOn Portal.

Yeah, I know. Not a lot, right?

I did find something interesting, at least for me. The creators of my favorite unofficial AQW wiki have already started on an unofficial SuperHero Quest wiki. I like the AQW wiki because it has facts and hints the official wiki doesn't.

Looks like we're all ready for this game. Now Artix has to get back from that convention and get to work on it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Arcangrove Rep Farming

All 10 Quests
The Road to Shammy-ness

In order to get the Shaman class you need to have a 10 rep in Arcangrove. This will take a long, long time. Here's a guide that will help players get the most out of the rep quests in Aracangrove.

The quickest way to gain rep, besides doing the story-line quests, is to get the quests from the four NPCs at Arcangrove (/join arcangrove). The NPCs are:
  • Rayst, with two rep quests, outside the building.
  • Reens, with two rep quests and three daily quests, inside the building, bottom transporter pad.
  • Moonrath, with two quests, middle transporter on the right.
  • Blakk, with two quests, middle transporter on the right.
When you first start, you should have 10 quests that will get you rep. That includes Reens' two daily quests (don't do the Experiment 107 quest, I'll explain later).

To do the quests, go one screen to the right of the starting area with Rayst. You'll find two Gorillaphants and one Seed Spitter. Clobber them until you finish all 10 quests. Pay special attention on getting to the Seed Spitter, which many players forget about.

Hint: If you don't see any players there to help, try a different room. Type "/join arcangrove" in the text bar and see if you can find a filled room. You'll have the most help on crowded servers where players trying to gain rep are doing the same thing.

I takes about 15 minutes with my level 33 and level 18 characters to finish the quest. The net rep gained from all 10 quests will be 2,990 to 4,000 rep and a ton of experience and rank points.

After you finish, you can go at it again and it will only take about five minutes because the daily quests from Reens won't be available until tomorrow. You'll have eight quests total.

Experiment 107: Elders Blood Potion

Don't do the 107 quest from Reens unless you want the potion. This quest needs 50 slain Gorillaphants and gets you 800 rep. If you turn them into Rayst's Gorillaphant Poaching quest, you'll get 1,050 rep, and probably more.

Rayst's Gorillaphant Poaching Quest

You can collect many more Slain Gorillaphants than the 7 the quest calls for. You'll probably have something like 30 or 40 when all of the other quests are done. So after you turn in the quest the first time, accept it again, then turn it in again.
Paddylump of Mudluk

Other Daily Quests

The two daily quests outside Arcangrove main are from Ewa, in the Cloister (/join cloister), and Paddylump, in Mudluk (/join mudluck). Both of these daily quests will net you 1500 rep each. Lower-level players (under level 30) should skip it and stay with the four quest-givers in Arcangrove because there will be little help with these quests.

Ewa of the Cloister
Since these quests send you to the other area, Paddylump's quest sends you to the Cloister and Ewa's quest sends you to Mudluk, get the quest in one area, finish in the other, and then grab the second quest on the way out.

Good luck on your journey to Shaman-hood!