Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

1.Easy exp

ok now that dragonfable 9.0 has come some changes and stuff are going too happen. im level 33 so here are the best places to train
moonglow doesnt work at this level


2. EASY exp. 3000-5000

go to osprey cove and do the mission called box of ninjas there is four floors and each floor has about 10 ninja sneeviles giving you about 3000-5000exp

3. Duh

You guys go on and on about do this and that and then do it 10 more times etc.but a quicker way to cheat is just download cheat engine it is wayyyyyyyyy quicker and much more efficiant.(trust me I got to lv51 in less than 1 day).so don't take the long hard way be the one who takes the easy short way

4. Great Quest for XP and Gold

Quest: Yaga Stone Circle
Where: Amityvale, Talk to Thursday
After you beat the 5 Yaga Sisters and Guffer the boss (around 500hp, does lots of damage make sure you have potions, and the purple pumpkin heals)you get:
XP: 1473 Gold: 68
Weapon: Flamestone Blade/Staff/Daggers LV19 Damage:30-48 Rarity:5 Bonuses:Critacal+2 If it's not your type(Warrior-Sword etc.) you can sell it at a store for 200 gold (thats why it's good for gold)

5. Seriously an excellent way to get tons of gold and experience!!!

You don't need one but it will really help if you have a good energy weapon. First go to Falconreach and go to the gryphon and go to Dr. Voltoblot and just do the quest a lot and it gives you a ton experience and if you do it enough times you can make one of his pets. The one that I made was the lowest level and it sold for 1k!

6. 1000gold and a cool wepon for mage rouge or knigt if done corect

Go to the 100 rooms place(mem) and got through all roooms kill all monsters then go to begining and re heal...when you done that go to the final room for boss fight get him down to 1hp and start healing useing all your potions then kill boss you should get 1000 coins for getting trough without getting hit and the wepon you should get as a reward for completing the room hope it works for you =)and if not it must have been my computer glitchng again=(

7. Easy Gold

First, you must go to the Robina Zone and talk to her, click on the Bounty Hunting option and then say you want the Most Wanted list.
Second, go past the waterfall and you'll notice 4 diffrent ways to go. Go to the north and you'll see a bunch of sharpend logs in the ground. Go in there and then you'll now be in a quest.
Notice the Most Wanted list.
Just keep doing the quest and you'll get lots of gold.

8. Easy 2000+ exp

Do the entire qwest for moon glow and you should get over 2000 exp. If you have trouble beating the pumpken slices, then take the strongest light weapon and if you don't have one beat the crystal cave and then go talk to Warlic and buy the strongest light weapon you can use.

9. easy weapons

Do you want lvl 7 weapons and junk... Then keep on doing the sneevil forest quest I got a lvl 7 static weapon that costs like 600 coins on it I hope you enjoy but one problem they are random weapons they always change but have fun with new item P.s. I found a blood stained mark of honor you can sell it for 500 Gold!!!


10. Fast exp and easy money

(you must be lvl 9 of higher) go to Aeris Battlespire win a trophy to gain a novice rank, buy a novice Battlespire weapon (staff,sword or dagger), go to Warlics zone, head north (up) the road near Warlics tent then right to a cave, inside you will be assigned on a quest, equipt the BNW (battlespire novice weapon) and kill the monsters (since they are FIRE elementals water hits them HARD) finish the quest and sell the gained item (if you want to) to recive 200+ gp (or something like that) have fun and enjoy ;)

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