Friday, November 5, 2010

SuperHero Quest Frenzy

In my vigilance to keep on top of the SuperHero Quest launch I've been digging around the corners of the interwebs. I've found some interesting tidbits about Artix Entertainment, some old AE games and sites, and a lot of rumor and speculation.

Here's all I know about SHQ right now:

  • It'll go into Beta in November. We don't know when.
  • AQW members will be Beta testers.
  • Maybe members of other games will be Beta testers.
  • The SHQ site redirects to the BattleOn Portal.

Yeah, I know. Not a lot, right?

I did find something interesting, at least for me. The creators of my favorite unofficial AQW wiki have already started on an unofficial SuperHero Quest wiki. I like the AQW wiki because it has facts and hints the official wiki doesn't.

Looks like we're all ready for this game. Now Artix has to get back from that convention and get to work on it!

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