Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Arcangrove Rep Farming

All 10 Quests
The Road to Shammy-ness

In order to get the Shaman class you need to have a 10 rep in Arcangrove. This will take a long, long time. Here's a guide that will help players get the most out of the rep quests in Aracangrove.

The quickest way to gain rep, besides doing the story-line quests, is to get the quests from the four NPCs at Arcangrove (/join arcangrove). The NPCs are:
  • Rayst, with two rep quests, outside the building.
  • Reens, with two rep quests and three daily quests, inside the building, bottom transporter pad.
  • Moonrath, with two quests, middle transporter on the right.
  • Blakk, with two quests, middle transporter on the right.
When you first start, you should have 10 quests that will get you rep. That includes Reens' two daily quests (don't do the Experiment 107 quest, I'll explain later).

To do the quests, go one screen to the right of the starting area with Rayst. You'll find two Gorillaphants and one Seed Spitter. Clobber them until you finish all 10 quests. Pay special attention on getting to the Seed Spitter, which many players forget about.

Hint: If you don't see any players there to help, try a different room. Type "/join arcangrove" in the text bar and see if you can find a filled room. You'll have the most help on crowded servers where players trying to gain rep are doing the same thing.

I takes about 15 minutes with my level 33 and level 18 characters to finish the quest. The net rep gained from all 10 quests will be 2,990 to 4,000 rep and a ton of experience and rank points.

After you finish, you can go at it again and it will only take about five minutes because the daily quests from Reens won't be available until tomorrow. You'll have eight quests total.

Experiment 107: Elders Blood Potion

Don't do the 107 quest from Reens unless you want the potion. This quest needs 50 slain Gorillaphants and gets you 800 rep. If you turn them into Rayst's Gorillaphant Poaching quest, you'll get 1,050 rep, and probably more.

Rayst's Gorillaphant Poaching Quest

You can collect many more Slain Gorillaphants than the 7 the quest calls for. You'll probably have something like 30 or 40 when all of the other quests are done. So after you turn in the quest the first time, accept it again, then turn it in again.
Paddylump of Mudluk

Other Daily Quests

The two daily quests outside Arcangrove main are from Ewa, in the Cloister (/join cloister), and Paddylump, in Mudluk (/join mudluck). Both of these daily quests will net you 1500 rep each. Lower-level players (under level 30) should skip it and stay with the four quest-givers in Arcangrove because there will be little help with these quests.

Ewa of the Cloister
Since these quests send you to the other area, Paddylump's quest sends you to the Cloister and Ewa's quest sends you to Mudluk, get the quest in one area, finish in the other, and then grab the second quest on the way out.

Good luck on your journey to Shaman-hood!

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