Thursday, November 18, 2010

More SuperHer-- er, the hero game News!

Artix put up a big post about SuperHero Quest. Here's another excuse for me to make a bullet list (yes!):
  • The name might have to change. DC/ Marvel told AE to stop using "SuperHero Quest."
  • DC/ Marvel sort of suck. I blame Disney.
  • There's a secret working name but we won't know what it is until it comes out.
  • I'm calling the game HeroFable for now. Don't like it? Leave a comment with your idea.
  • Galanoth will lead the game. Thyton and Yergen von Smergenbergen are doing the art and animation.
  • Who's Yergen von Smergenbergen?
  • The art is done in a "vinyl" style. Looks like that YouTube video floating around was not a fake.
  • The game will not have classes. You will get individual skills.
  • As you level up you can get new powers, skills, and abilities.
  • Of course there will be flying!
There were several posts in the forums about AQW mems getting to test the game and everyone else was shut out. Artix bent over backwards and come up with this solution:
Phase 1: Everyone who supported the games will get to make an account.

Phase 2: One server will open to AQW mems only.

Phase 3: Multiple servers will open and all supporting players will join in.
There you have it!

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