Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happenings and Goings Ons

Wow! There's a lot going on at AE right now! Here's a bulleted list of stuff you should know:

  • BladeHaven Beta starts tomorrow, October 14th. Check to see if you qualify for Beta testing.
  • AE has a new novel that will be out in November, The Dragon's Secret. It will be available at Hero Mart. Of course it will have an in-game perk.
  • AQW's level cap has been raised to 35. I'm amazed that people have already made it to the top! I've been using Twilly's XP Boost (150 ACs) to help. Only up to level 31.
  • AQW's pumpkin carving contest has started and will run until the end of October.
  • On Friday, October 15th, the next Chaos Beast will be unleashed on AQW.
  • The previous year's Mogloween will also be released on Friday. This will give players a chance to catch up.
  • This year's Mogloween will be released on October 22nd, unless they melt the servers (hey, it can happen at AE).
  • November 2nd is the deadline for Second Upholder status. 

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